Where is this place I want to see ?

Odd that it seems like a place of perfection  Empty valley  Like a cave within the ground  High walls made of grass  Sun touching every surface  Except the one place right in the middle  One tree  Providing much needed protection from the light I want to lay there  I want to lay there all day…

Finally!!! We Win!!!

” …there will finally be that moment where you triumph over the hardships……”

The Battle of Feeling Beautiful Enough For a Picture

I still battle every picture to feel beautiful. I still feel insecure without make up. I still like a filter or two. But, at least it is still me.

Not a dog

Not a unicorn

Not some mystical mermaid

One day I will beat this battle to feel BEAUTIFUL enough for a picture.

I will be Bare faced and beautiful

I will be flaws and all beautiful

I will amazon warrior this battle to feel beautiful

And I will be proud of it.